WordPlaySound unbinds literature. We lift poetry and prose off the page to give readers a new way of experiencing their favorite authors and emerging writers. Think of us as a cross between the literary zine you just visited online and the public radio station you have softly playing in the background. WordPlaySound provides listeners with in-depth author interviews, publishing news, and original slices of fiction, creative nonfiction, and poetry.

And we want to publish your audio files (WAV or MP3). There are no fees for sharing your work with us, and we permit multiple, simultaneous submissions, as long as you notify us if another magazine picks up your piece. Also, please let us know if your story has been previously published. It's okay if it has been; we just need to know!

When you submit, we ask that you include only three things in your recording: 1) the title of your work, 2) your name, 3) and the story or poem. Instead of a cover letter, just provide us with a brief bio, which we'll publish next to your podcast on the website.

Since we don't pay our authors, WordPlaySound does not assume any rights to your work; those remain with the writer. Because of this, you can ask us to remove your piece from our site at any time, and we will honor your request.

Other than that we don’t have many guidelines, but typically we like to listen to pieces that are shorter than 15 minutes; however, this isn’t a steadfast rule. It’s just a preference.

Many thanks for considering WordPlaySound!